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Modern civil approaches ,architecture and urbanism could be known as emphasis on modern to human, architect and urbanism that originalities like society against individual ,ethic against advantages and quality against quantity are counted as common Paradigms of it. Accordingly Thought in Chapter of urban development patterns is needed a Adherence of development in confine of skeleton called "city" that includes an aspect of development process that forms with With favor upon variant related to urban life.

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Dr. JabarAli Zakeri

Along with economic growth of societies, pressure to natural systems and sources of earth intensify ...

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Dr. Afram Keyvani

Cities design and forming for optimal use of space to meet human requirements along with proper and fair ...

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Eng. Farhad Alizadeh Afshar

Sustainable city is raised from developmental process which provides the mentality and possibility ...

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About Tehran

Although Tehran is not Iran, but without this great metropolis, which is the focal point of Iran’s transportation network and the center in which more than 40% of the nation’s economic activities takes place, it would not be possible to fully comprehend the ever changing Iran...

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