Specialized Fairs of Congress 

With the growing of knowledge in the field of civil engineering, architecture, urbanism and environment seeking the cheapest and safest methods, nowadays marketers and consumers, choose the exhibition the best way.
Exhibition of International Congress of civil Engineering, architecture and urban development, undertake to provide the appropriate platform for participants Organizations and companies in order to know opportunities in the market and also the people seeking the services can find the best ,suitable and most qualified service providers and create essential connection with it.


Exhibition Services :

•allocating loge along exhibition structural (space frame)
• Lighting
•interpolating Company name and profile, in books and conference web site
•dedicating three invitation card to visit the exhibition for each booths
•granting memorial by the President of the Congress to participants
• Issuing one Free card of attendance of the Congress and Exhibition
• Full package of Congress for two person
• Establishment of information and accountability,in the main entrancein the Congress and Exhibition
•standard loge partitioning for Exhibition

Note :

* Locating and selecting loge is on priority of registration time and contract deal.
* readiness declaration for participants shall be deemed conclusive only after full payment of the fee.
* Expiration of loge arranging is one day before the opening of the exhibition.
* removing of a pavilion will be one day after the exhibition.

Commodity groups participants :


Product Group


Product Group


Architecture, Decoration, viewing, area , the lighting


Operating Banks


Consultants, contractors and construction supervisors


Company insurances


Tools, equipment, and construction machinery


Covering the floor (tile, ceramic, parquet and ...)


Industry Construction, water, sewer and gas


Scientific, research, educational and laboratory centers


Equipment, furniture and porcelain sanitary


Associated Poles and scientific


Municipalities and companies involved in urban development


housing Cooperative, organizations, associations


Covering the ceiling and walls and prefabricated components


Publications, software applications and information centers


Tunnels, dams, roads, drainage and irrigation




prefab House




modern Technology in development industry of, architecture, urbanism and environment


Accessories for construction equipment (locks, handles, etc.)


Systems, waste water treatment


Electrical and electronic equipment


Doors, windows, glass and related equipment


Electric motors and shutters


Building Stone


Automatic Door


Pipe Fittings


Work and safety equipment


Paints, adhesives, resins, additives for concrete and aggregates, sound and thermal insulation


Other craft and related products


Visitors Groups :

This conference expected to attract over 3,500 participants and visitors. In addition, experts and professionals in the fields of civil engineering, architecture, urbanism and environmental of Iran and world desire other visitors of this conference to create national and international cooperation in this field. Also the following working groups will attend the congress and exhibition:
- All ministries, organs, governmental and non-governmental organizations responsible for industry of civil, architecture, urbanism and environment in the country
- all legislative and policy-making organs in the section of construction industry, architecture , Country Planning and the Environment;
- Financial institutions such as banks, credit institutions and insurance companies;
- universities and research and study centers.
- professors, alumni, students and scholars of Civil, Architectural, Urban Planning and the Environment;
- Elites and Experts of Engineering Valley, Architecture, Planning and Environment;
- designer, manufacturer and equipment provider companies
- service provider companies support and maintenance, safety and standardization;
- all companies, institutions, associations, active domestic and international organizations in the fields of production ,transmission, management and optimization;
- employers and tender workers;
- municipalities and companies involved in urban development
- domestic and foreign architects and designers;
- traders and distributors;
- manufacturers of materials and Machinery;
-staff of building sector at the international level;
- organization and services section;
- poles and scientific communities of country and world.

Opportunities for participants to :

Exhibition International Congress of civil Engineering, architecture and urban development is a particular opportunity to help participants :
1. To show his latest exposure to domestic and foreign experts;
2. Enjoy from face to face interaction and collaboration with educators, scholars, administrators, scholars and practitioners and industry stakeholders of, Civil, Architecture, Urban Environment entitled;
3. As part of a vast family network of, civil engineering, architecture and urbanism in the country, connect with other network staff connect
4. May enjoy from Experiences and achievements of other organizations and international;
5. Proceed to attracting local and foreign clients and contacts and make contact with them;
6. Help to increase and strengthen the morale of employees and customers and the technical community ;
7. Proceed to exchange information, achievements and applied research in the areas of manufacturing, engineering and business;
8. Generate Comprehensive data from similar products and identify competitors and proceed to healthy competition in their industry;
9. Accelerate procedure of Assessment and of the internal and external markets and use of market development opportunities;
10. Creating opportunities for clients to provide problems and get solutions and be successful to better identify clients and apply it to their future services;
11.proceed to present or visit non conveyable equipment in different parts of the industry;
12. Proceed to reduce internal and external marketing and advertising costs and increase its profits;
13. Proceed to provide enough background for the negotiations, as feasible, with potential buyers;
14. Get opportunity to provide services and products in internationally level;
15.beibg aware of the latest developments in the field of civil engineering, architecture and urbanism throughout the country and the world ;
16. Met with hundreds of representatives of employers and organizations in a short time;
17.To find a place to exchange opinions and ideas inthe international arena;
18. To provide own marketing services to targeted audiences;
19. Be acquainted with the best Expertise owners, decision makers, leaders of Iran and world markets and related institutions;
20.To sign Cooperation agreements with the relevant industry of civil engineering, architecture, urbanism and environment of the country and the world;
21.Enjoy from possibilities of connectivity and meet with new intermediarie;
22. Have gained a better understanding of Needs and expectations of consumers;
23. Take advantage from the space available for the further development and enhancement of participant expertise;
24. To find new space providing brochures and catalogs of products and services related to the participants for Public awareness;
25.being stabled brand of participants in minds of employers.
26. To establish direct communication with the engineers looking for to better and safer for their need.
27. Gain a better understanding of available space for business Strategies improvement of domestic and foreign participants, gain a better understanding;

Terms of support and participation in congresss has been inserted in support and participation in addition to sidelong exhibition

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