Congress Topics 

1- Civil engineering and sustainable development

Management of construction and execution
Concrete technology
Numerical methods in civil engineering
Road and transportation
Geotechniques and mine
Hydraulics and water resources
Tunnel engineering for urban areas
Surveying, geodesy and geomatic
New technology in constructional materials and building industrialization
Ethics, challenges and values in civil engineering
Safety, crisis management, passive defense in civil
Computer and artificial intelligence in civil engineering
Application of engineering geology in civil and geophysics in dam construction
GIS systems focusing on their application in civil engineering
Destruction engineering in building industry
Fundamentals and principles of destruction engineering, management and supervising on destruction

2- Structural engineering, earthquakes and seismic rehabilitation

Underground structures
Value engineering
Water resources engineering, hydraulic and marine structures
Form coordination of structure and architecture
Urban development and using local and new materials in structures
Dynamics of structures and seismic retrofitting
Non-building and industrial structures
Seismic troubleshooting of structures and methods of rehabilitation and retrofitting of structures
Analyzing and innovation in designing concrete and steel structures
Application of new technologies (seismic separator, dampers, etc.) in seismic rehabilitation of structures
Retrofitting and rehabilitation in urban structures
Rehabilitation of vital artery systems, buildings and bridges
Structure safety in underground mines
Retrofitting structures against fire and architectural approaches expression
Effect of earthquake on space structures, masonry structures and special structures

3- Architectural engineering and sustainable development

Sustainable architecture
Architecture and urban identity
Role of architecture in accessing sustainable construction
Architectural aspects and traditional and Islamic urban development in region
New energies in architecture
Architectural stylistic
New Methods and technologies in architecture
Urban graphics and street architecture
Effect of climate on local and sustainable architecture
Local architectural patterns
Effect of ecological materials on sustainable architecture
Architectural concept and contemporary urban development
Effect of technological revolutions on architecture
Sustainable architecture and intelligent buildings
Architecture, changing climate and manner of energy consumption
Energy planning in architectural plans focusing on sustainable architecture
Landscaping, ecology and aesthetics in architecture

4- Urban planning, management and design

Regional and urban planning
Urban anatomic planning
Urban rights
Urban management
Urban design
Management of urban projects
Application of new technologies in urban development
Partnership in urban affairs
Crisis management
Urban facades
Urban tourism
Urban rehabilitation and renovation
Effects of new construction technologies on urban textures

5- Traffic engineering, transportation and urban infrastructures

Vital arteries and urban transportation
Sustainable development and transportation
Technical building and urban installations
Pavement (road, railway, airport and port)
Intelligent transportation systems
Transportation planning and urban development
Water, wastewater and urban infrastructures
Geometrical pathways Design
Transportation systems, sustainability of transportation in metropolises
Traffic engineering and transportation planning
Safety of transportation, traffic and risk
Management of transportation systems
Traffic training and culture creating
Public transportation, transportation economy
Integrated management and regulations and laws in traffic
Non-motorized transportation

6- Environmental engineering and urban environment

Green space and urban environment
Cities and environment management system
Urbanism and its environmental effects
Environmental problems of metropolises
Environmental effects of civil plans and urban development in cities
Principles of engineering and controlling environment pollutants in cities
Environment management and sustainable development of cities
Assessing environmental effects and environment engineering in citied
Urban transportation, its environmental effects and approaches
Application of new technologies in refining and removing environment pollutants
Urban ecology, green city and mechanism of clean development
Waste management in cities
Urban wastewater and its treatment
Industrial developments and approaches for reducing their effects
Effects and analytical methods of environmental effects of projects in cities
Ecological consistency, coordination of development with environment
Safety, health and urban environment
Urban design, landscape rehabilitation and environment

7- Urban development engineering and sustainable urban development

Patterns and indices of sustainable urban development
Distressed areas and unofficial settlements (challenges and approaches)
Natural disasters and its effects on sustainable development of cities
New urban development and sustainable development
Experiences on sustainable urban development in world and Iran
National and regional policies and sustainable urban development
Geography and urban and rural sustainable development
City instability and effective factors
Recognizing barriers, limitation and indices of sustainable urban development
Application of new technologies in urban development
Worthy governing and public partnership in sustainable urban development
Developing tourism industry for urban sustainable development
New cities and sustainable development of city

8- Sustainable urban landscape and development

Sustainability and urban landscape
Definition, concepts and theoretical fundamentals of urban landscape
Planning and management of urban landscape
Domestic and foreign experiences in urban landscape
Effective factors of urban face and landscape
Pathology of urban landscape
Landscape of Islamic cities and Iran cities
Natural landscape of city and traditional and new cities
Urban landscape, social issues and collective memories
Symbols, signs, visual arts and urban landscape
Urban Landscape of distressed and historical areas
Urban landscape of renovation textures
Criteria and guidelines of landscape and urban symbols

9- Restoration of historical works and contexts

Historical contexts
Rehabilitation of historical works
Urban renovation
Reconstruction of historical context

10- Culture, Sociology and urban Psychology

Citizen and citizenship rights
Urbanism culture and interaction in urban space
Local cultures and city
Environmental psychology
Cultural interaction and urban anatomy
Culture and urban development
Social-cultural sustainability in city
Culture and urban transportation
Culture and urban geography
Management and urban culture
Culture crystallization in urban face and landscape
Role of cultural institutionalization in urbanism
Culture, identity and urban landscape

11- Management of risk and crisis and approaches for establishing comprehensive crisis management

Natural dangers and disaster risk reduction (DRR)
Lost rings in executive cycle of disaster reduction management (DRM)
Differences among crisis management, contrastive management, management of urgent conditions and rehabilitation management
Empowering and capacity making of searching, debris and rescuer teams
Public partnership and capacity making, climatic changes and challenges of crisis management
Approaches and necessities of establishing comprehensive crisis management system
Role of decision-making data, information, techniques, tools and systems in disaster intelligent management
EWS Emergency warning system, RES events quick evaluation system
Resilience in national, urban and rural dimensions and promoting national resilience and cities resilience (MCR)
Planning, preparation, and practical approaches for business continuation (BCM)
Risk transfer to third bodies (insurances)
Crisis management in health and treatment systems
Designing and establishing HICS and HEICS systems

12- Tourism Management and Sustainable Urban Development
13- Management, economics and entrepreneurship in the project


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